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What I learned from a soft drink company

Posted by Christie Donn on

A lot of people don't know this, but my husband is a huge Pepsi drinker. HUGE. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he bleeds cola! 🤣 It's a true tragedy when we run out, which requires me to immediately go to the store for more!

As I strolled down the aisle to find his favorite magical elixir, I thought about how much the logo has changed since my childhood in the 80s. A lot of the basic elements are still there - Red, white, and blue - and it still tastes the same inside, but the packaging has evolved so much over the years!

It got me thinking about how we are all a little bit like Pepsi. We evolve and grow. We change into new versions of ourselves over time. And we definitely transform on the outside...

... But it's not really about what's on the outside, is it? It's what's on the inside that really counts. You see, over the years Pepsi has changed its logo time and time again, yet it hasn't decreased in popularity. It's actually grown, and with only minimal changes to their formula over the years accompanying their logo redesigns.

the many faces of Pepsi Co.

Maybe we can all learn a valuable lesson here. It's okay to grow and change. If Pepsi can change their main logo no less than 11 times since their initial launch in 1898, and their packaging a few times a year, then surely you can reinvent yourself as many times as you need to!

Keep growing. Keep being inspired. Keep transforming until you reach your goals! But do it for YOU. ❤️💙

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