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Carrying Cases

Maybe you need a handy carrying case for your new foldable leather flats? 👜
Maybe you need a fun new clutch to hold all your important stuff? 👛
Maybe you can have both with just one simple bag! 
These bags from The Storehouse have you covered!

One of my favorite things about these little ballet flats is not just that they're comfy... It's not just that they're made with super soft premium leather... 🥿

It's the fact that they are foldable!!! Seriously, stow-and-go footwear ready whenever I need it. I keep a pair in the diaper bag, and an extra pair in the car just in case. And the perfect way to stash them is in one of these little carrying cases! 👝

But they're not just good for shoes... My daughter uses one as her pencil case at school! I use mine to hold my wallet and lip balm for easy access in the diaper bag. (Who wants to dig to find anything when you're at the register in the checkout line?) 

New colors and designs are available with our preorder every month. These are the ones that I have in stock now!
Fabric lined, 9 inch x 6 inch x 2 inch, with zipper closure.