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Goddess Gift Bags

Just in time for Mother's Day! 

 Who loves getting surprises?
As moms, we spend so much time and energy caring for others. We do the laundry, and the shopping, and the cooking, and the cleaning, and we are in charge of always remembering the holidays and birthdays… And after all of that is said and done, we don’t have enough energy to take care of ourselves in the same way.

💁‍♀️ Why not treat yourself? (Or another special mom you know!)
These Goddess Gift bags are stuffed with goodness. You are GUARANTEED to get at least double what you pay in your bag!

**Bags will be stuffed with some of the following items**

💜 Delicious Flavored Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa
💜 Gourmet Popcorn
💜 All Natural Soy Candles
💜 Gift Cards
💜 Handmade Sparkle Stack Bracelet or Earrings
💜 Storehouse Flats!
💜 And more!

3️⃣ There are THREE tiers available for these bags. To claim choose your price: 49, 69 or 89 and shoe size (shipping will be added to the invoice) The more you spend the more you will get, and the more chances you have of getting some of our higher priced items! but you are guaranteed to get more than you pay!

💎 Please remember that mystery bags are final sales. I do my very best to send great stuff, and I've gotten many messages from folks loving what they received. But please, only play if you are comfortable with surprises because you are getting a crazy good deal on these items. Also, no credits, other discounts, or gift cards can be applied to this purchase because it's already such a crazy deal.

🥰 These bags are filled with all the little things that will help you make your own little Mom Moment of peace, so you can refuel your soul and find the energy to continue on with your busy day.

🥳 So let's have fun ladies!! These bags are a celebration of YOU and YOU deserve a treat! 🍬

PS - I am unable to do specific requests (it is a mystery bag, after all!) but if there is something you REALLY 100% do not want, say the color orange, or you don’t like certain flavors, or have an allergy, or you don't have ear holes, please do let me know that so I can do my best to make you extra happy! But please don't leave a specific wish list LOL. These are random mystery bags that I pack with a lot of love, care, and time.

👉 Please also note that I cannot guarantee that you will get a specific item. I do, however, GUARANTEE that bags will have WAY more than the value you pay. So either way, you are getting a great deal for a great price. Not everyone will get equal bags. They are curated to be worth MORE than you pay, but some one who gets storehouse flats (which are 75-80 retail,) may only get 2 or 3 other things, where as someone who gets a lot of little pieces with lower retail values could get more quantity but every bag is carefully calculated to be worth more than what is paid.

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